I Discovered 69 In A Flea Market...

I love me some pudgy nerd. For real, is there anything in the world hotter than a tubby techie/trekkie? Answer to my question: No. Answer to your question of "Is this bitch joking?": Definitely not. My man is hefty in both body and brain, and it does it for me. That being said, this is not really a post about sex. Instead, it's more about thrifting. If thrifting got sexy. You're intrigued now, aren't you, you perverts? Anyway, earlier this week, when this story starts, my husband (Chris) and I were strolling through a flea market when I found

I Wish Snow Zombies Would Eat Off My Face So I Could Skip My Health Psych Test

I'm super duper pissed, for two reasons. Reason #1: Not one single woodland creature has broken into my apartment to fold and put away my laundry, which is complete bullshit, because Disney promised me that's how adulting would work. Reason #2: Forecasters guaranteed me a blizzard, but it's all sunny up in this bitch (and by bitch, I mean Atlanta.) For real, y'all, when meteorologists across America recently predicted Snowpocalypse for us East Coast-eners, I was maniacally giddy at the thought of being dusted with even one inch of that Yankee cotton. Like, I might have peed and/or drooled