I Spanked a Stranger, and I Liked It

Anorexic, I ain't. In fact, I should bend on dimpled knee and beg Bob Harper to whip my atomic ass into a shape other than round. But I don't really feel like doing that right now because I'm cool with who I am. After all, my personality is pretty banging, and I've been seeing a therapist for a year now to help me cope with the fact that my mom called me on my birthday and offered to pay to send me to The Biggest Loser Resort as a gift. With Prozac's help, I've learned to find the story more

My Mom Offered to Send Me to Fat Camp.... On My 30th Birthday

Yeah, that's pretty much the whole story right there. However, I've been encouraged to wrap some words around this, but that only makes me want to wrap bacon around a slice of pizza. My mother assumes that's how I start my day anyway, so might as well... Truthfully, I'd super rather not discuss my obesity with y'all, but my hypnotherapist swears I can only achieve my goddamned "desired state of calm perfection" if I embrace the cathartic process of expressing myself. She wants me to use this blog to write about something real. I want her to get real about