Contact The Truth Fairy

I blog because I don't really have many friends.

So, if you feel like e-mailing me, I can dig it. It's totally conceivable that your message will be the highlight of my day.

Now, that being said, if there's anything in the world I hate more than animal kill shelters... well, actually, there's nothing. But I SUPER dislike spam. I do, however, like the following image:


Seriously, though, y'all. Don't be dicks.

You're allowed to e-mail me if:

  • you want to guest post on my blog,
  • you want me to guest post on your blog,
  • you have general life questions,
  • you have nothing better to do,
  • you have some idea that you think I might find interesting, OR
  • you found a glorious cat meme that I probably should see ASAP.

E-mail wisely, my lovelies!